Who We Are?

Crescent Takaful Sacco Society Limited (CTS) is the first Shariah-Compliant Sacco in Kenya and the greater East Africa region. Crescent Takaful Sacco is registered by the Commissioner of Co-operatives, Department of Co-operative Development. CTS is seeking a deposit-taking license from the Sacco Society Regulatory Authority (SASRA) to operate Front-Office Financial Services commonly known as FOSAs.

The Sacco will enhance financial inclusion and complete the Islamic financial infrastructure in Kenya. We have an over-arching objective to provide financial services to all Kenyans with a strategic focus on the largely un-banked and under-served communities. These include rural farmers, pastoralists, and lower-income urban communities irrespective of religion, gender, race or creed.

CTS is the third Sacco to be licensed to serve the diaspora after the UK Diaspora Sacco and the US Diaspora Sacco. However, CTS is the only Sacco to have been licensed to provide diaspora services on a global scale without any jurisdiction restrictions.

CTS has been licensed and is being established as a model Sacco boasting of sound corporate governance structures; a dynamic, experienced and specialist management; a robust ICT platform and financial services delivery infrastructure; a firm capital base; and ability to provide simplistic but relevant and competitive products to the community.

CTS is principally promoted by Crescent Investment Co-operative Ltd and Takaful Insurance of Africa (TIA) Group together with leading personalities in diverse fields in Kenya. Just like TIA, CTS has a unique proposition. A Shariah-based model of shared responsibility, collective undertakings, and mutual assistance of members by members themselves.

We are an equal-opportunity employer and service provider (financier) for all. Even though Shariah-Compliant, the Sacco will serve all Kenyans of all faiths as we expand our presence nationally and internationally.

How We Do?

Our Company Vision

To provide outstanding Ethical and Shariah-Compliant financial solutions globally

Our Mission

We Champion the Socio-Economic Empowerment of our Members Globally.

Our Tag line

Ethical Partnerships for Progress.

Our Core Values

Ethics: Partnerships: Progress

Our Beliefs

We believe in creating and sustaining strong partnerships with our members, our staff and all other stakeholders in the community. Our colours of orange and purple boldly reflect our views of engagement. We exude warmth, energy, enthusiasm, and treat our stakeholders with utmost respect, dignity and royal nobility. Indeed, our client service call is that ‘royalty leads to loyalty’.

Meet the Team

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